Dental Bridge

If you’ve lost a tooth, or even a few teeth next to
each other, a dental bridge can fill in the gap. A
bridge is a device that is permanently implanted in
your mouth. It replaces the teeth you’ve lost. And it
keeps your other teeth from moving out of position.
Traditional bridge
With a traditional bridge, replacement teeth are
attached to two crowns. The crowns fit onto the
teeth on both sides of the gap. These teeth must be
filed down so the crowns can be cemented in place.
The crowns support the replacement tooth.
Other types
Other styles of bridges can be attached in different
ways. A bridge can be attached to a framework
that’s bonded to the nearby teeth. It can be
attached to posts implanted in your jawbone. Or, if
there’s only one tooth next to the gap, it can be
attached to that single tooth. Your dentist can help
you choose a bridge that’s right for your needs.
After your bridge is implanted, it’s important to keep
it clean. You also need to keep the teeth around it
clean and healthy so they stay strong and provide
good support. So follow your dentist’s instructions
for brushing and flossing. With proper care, your bridge can last for many years.

Talk to your dentist to see if a dental bridge is the

right way to restore your smile.



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