What Our Clients Say

Ellen C.

Rob Welk and his staff have been amazing. When I was unable to get my application for insurance with the Washington health care exchange approved due to repeated computer errors, he got on the phone and magically had everything worked out in 15. When I had further issues with the exchange down the road, he gave me exactly the advice I needed to get things resolved. When I needed to choose a new health care plan, he guided me quickly to the best plan for my situation. His free booklet, Maximizing Obamacare, is a great resource. I still can’t believe I don’t have to pay anything for his services. Don’t hesitate to call his office if you need help navigating the health care system.

Roberta Z.

I am so thankful to have found Rob. Before, I tried to navigate the health plan finder on my own. I literally spent hours and hours on the phone, putting in requisitions, and logging so many names, never being able to speak to the same person twice. Since finding Rob, I have the peace of mind that my health care insurance is done right. I cannot say enough good about Rob, from the amount of time he has saved me, to being able to sleep well at night not worrying if I truly have coverage. Rob’s knowledge is simply amazing. My only regret is I wish I had known of Rob from the start. I recommend Rob to everyone I meet now.

Liz M.

It was purely serendipitous that i contacted Robert Welk’s office, in an attempt to sign up for additional insurance through the marketplace to supplement medicare for my disabled boyfriend. and let me tell you, it was the best “accident“ I’ve ever had. he and his associates are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and above all, patient. I strongly encourage anyone trying to swim against the current of healthcare to give his office a call–they will be your canoe

Faye B.

The Insurance Company was trying to disallow a medication that I had been taking for several years for depression. My doctor tried to tell them that I needed that particular one since nothing else gave the same results. The refused. I called Mr. Welk and he connected us to a three-way call so we could talk directly to Medicare. We both explained the situation to them. Within two days Medicare had called the insurance company and told them to put the to put the medication back on my allowable list. Both my doctor and I are thankful we didn’t have to go through another long list of drugs trying to find something that worked well.

Paula Smith

My brother and I have been working with Mr. Welk and his associates for several years for my brother’s health insurance through the state exchange and now with a medicare advantage plan. Mr. Welk’s knowledge of both systems and processes is extraordinary. He is always available to answer questions and help us fight the bureaucracy. We highly recommend him for any insurance needs!

Alicia B.

If you want a comprehensive view and help with the health care system … talk to Robert Welk! He was so knowledgeable and really took the time to listen to my concerns before helping me find the appropriate plan for me. That was what impressed me so much. That and the fact that I felt a lot less apprehensive about leaving my old health care behind after our initial meeting. By the way, since that first visit I have received amazing support with the unexpected issues and hurdles I have encountered!

Victoria L.

This is a highly pro-active company with the expertise to make a significant difference in your insurance life! In fact, the owner, Robert Welk, has even written a book on maximizing Obamacare. Be sure to take your questions, and be ready to have the best service ever!

Joan P.

Robert Welk has all the answers if you are in a quandary over what to do regarding your health insurance. Get a free consultation. You will find him to be very knowledgeable and helpful!

Mike F.

Rob, Trish and everyone else has helped my wife and I immensely with a nightmare of insurance confusion. I couldn’t have figured it out myself. Highly recommended.

Kevin B.

I struggled with healthcare for over a year and these folks got it done in one day. It was such a relief and I was amazed how professional they were!!