Medicare Supplement:

Usually Medicare Supplement Plans cover Medicare approved services at or near 100%. In most cases you won’t be required to get a referral from one physician to another.  And this is important: when you travel you will have the same coverage anywhere you go in the United States. This coverage is expensive and sometimes difficult to determine if it is worth the price you have to pay.

These factors include:

  • Your current health
  • Your family history
  • Your current and future retirement plans

Comparing the plans and the agents who represent them can sometimes be an overwhelming task.

Historically, 75% of Americans opted for Medigap over Medicare Advantage. As the Medigap premium costs have risen the government has felt the need to intervene in unprecedented ways. They created new versions of  Medigap Plans with lower premiums and higher cost shares.

They changed the way Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D operate and are funded. It is unlikely the pace of change in Medicare will slow based on the fundamental financial challenges we face as a country based on our debt and demographic shifts.

Let us help you enroll in Medicare A and B and if appropriate, based on your personal needs, enroll in the right Medigap and Medicare Part D plan.  We have over 14 years of experience in the health insurance industry and we understand that the hands on customer service we offer will make all the difference in in you having the kind of healthcare experience you deserve.

With that in mind we provide the following services:

  • When you have a problem, questions about your plan or just need advice you can set an appointment, stop in or call the owner directly. We will return your call promptly even if it is on a weekend.
  • One on one annual reviews in the office or over the phone to make changes in how your plan meets your current needs
  • Monthly live question and answer sessions at local libraries
  • Physician created videos about preventative care and cutting edge health innovations conveniently located on our website and totally free of charge
  • Individualized help in reducing your medication costs, healthcare costs and other tax issues
  • Help with any or all of your health claims

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