Chemical Peel

This outpatient procedure uses an acidic solution to
remove the outermost layers of skin cells, which
allows the skin to rejuvenate. Deep peels are
commonly used to treat deeper wrinkles and scars,
severely sun-damaged skin, and precancerous
growths of the skin. Deep peels may be used on
the entire face, and are generally not appropriate
for patients who have a dark complexion.

Before the peel, the facial skin is cleansed and
sterilized. The patient is sedated, and anesthesia
may sometimes be administered.

The physician applies the chemical solution to the
facial skin. The chemical solution is usually left on
the skin for one or two hours and is then washed
away with water. A soothing ointment will be

After a deep peel, the facial skin will be red and

tender and may be very swollen for a few weeks.
The treated skin will then flake off, revealing fresh
new skin. The new skin may be bright pink for a few
months, but after that time the color will return to
normal. After a deep peel the treated skin will be
unable to tan, so it must be protected from sun exposure.

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