We offer a less expensive alternative to Obamacare and the Washington State Healthplan Finder.

Health insurance premiums seem to be on an unsustainable trajectory. This had forced many families to reconsider their options. The process can be daunting and time consuming because there are so many factors to take into consideration; coverage differences, tax ramifications, a mix of family needs, medications and access to care.

When the Affordable Care Act was implemented in Washington State we led the market, creating a free step-by-step guide to help customer navigate the system more successfully. We provided the free, local one-on-one assistance through every step of the process. We supported their ongoing needs by communicating to our client’s until they successfully navigated the system. As a result, our owner was the first agent in the state to be appointed by the Washington Healthcare Exchange Advisory Board. As the healthcare system enters a new phase, we are ready to help our customers again sort through all of the options so they can make the right decision for their families.

Please keep in mind the unique benefits we provide your family at no cost:

• We broker all plans and health share ministries.
• We have a tax expert on staff.
• We have over 40,000 hours of hands on experience navigating the insurance and tax challenges associated with health insurance.
• We have specialized in health insurance for 14 years.

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