Robert Welk


Robert started Welk Security and Trust 12 years ago because he wanted to use what he had learned in the pharmaceutical and tax industry to make a difference for clients in the health insurance marketplace.
He started his business career working with ADP, a fortune 500 company that specializes in creating efficiencies for businesses in the area of tax planning. This experience gave him an understanding about how taxable income can be used to determine what premiums someone might pay for a health plan. He then went on to work as a pharmaceutical representative for Reliant Pharmaceuticals This experience helped him to understand how a healthcare insurance agent can effectively work with health practices so that they can reduce medication costs for clients in an effective way. This is an important facet of Robert’s practice because today almost 20% of the entire cost of healthcare comes from prescription and nonprescription medications. He went on to work for Spokane Community Care, a health insurance company, and learned the complexities of the health care insurance industry. Robert opened Welk Security and Trust, an insurance agency specializing in helping clients deal with and choosing the best health insurance available.